Dynevor Express Ontario, Quebec drayage transportation truck
Ontario Quebec Drayage

Connecting the sea with the highway

Specializing in container transport for Canada’s busiest corridor

Let Dynevor Express bring in your goods from overseas and deliver them along Canada’s busiest corridor. Our intermodal service offers container transportation between Ontario and Quebec, local GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and local GMA (Greater Montreal Area). Although our specialty for drayage service is between Ontario and Quebec, our extensive partner network allows us to pick up and distribute throughout all of Canada.

We can deconsolidate your freight at our facilities, deliver to distribution centers or directly to retailers at its final destination. We are proud to offer these services for a range of industries including retail, CPG, OEM, produce, meat, paper products, dry goods, raw materials and more. Dynevor also offers container stuffing and de-stuffing services as well as short and long term storage options.