Dynevor Express transport truck on desert highway
Mexico Through Texas

We have both sides of the border covered

Inbound and outbound transportation service between Mexico and the USA

Connecting Mexico, through all ports of entry in Texas, gives Dynevor additional options to move freight on either side of the Mexico, USA border. Whether you’re looking to ship inbound or outbound, fresh or frozen, by the truckload or by the skid, Dynevor Express has you covered!

The majority of freight we move into and out of Mexico is temperature-sensitive to assist our customers with seasonal surges. Our power and reefer units are on strict maintenance schedules to ensure potential downtime is kept to a minimum. We also utilize remote monitoring and tracking technology which provides our customers with peace of mind knowing their goods are on schedule and always at the agreed upon temperature.

Dynevor makes it easy to move freight across the border

Whether your shipment’s origin is Canada, USA or Mexico the Dynevor Express team has the expertise to keep your freight moving seamlessly across all borders. Our in-house customs department works diligently to ensure all paperwork is in order so that your freight reaches its destination on-time, every time. Because your goods stay in our assets from pickup to delivery, there is no need to trans-load which significantly reduces the chance of damaged freight and again, saves our customers both time and money. For your next shipment into or out of Mexico, nobody makes it easier than Dynevor Express.